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Opening Remarks

Alina Georgescu,
Country Manager, IDC Romania
Bogdan Miu,
Moderator of the Forum

IDC Keynote Presentation - Digital Economy. The Future Has Arrived

Mark Yates,
Research Manager, IDC Government Insights, IDC CEE

Banks across the region will be heavily disrupted by the Open Ecosystem Era. The opportunities and challenges it brings will force banks to make difficult strategic and tactical decisions about how to retain customer develop new services, engage the FinTech community, and establish business adjacencies.


How to Weather the ‘Perfect Storm’ in an Imperfect IT World

Radomir Bordon,
Director Commercial Presales CEE, DELL EMC

The Long and Winding Road of Romania’s Economic Reform

Valentin Lazea,
Chief-Economist, Romanian National Bank

Fortinet Security Fabric

Adrian Danciu,
Regional Director, South Eastern Europe, Fortinet

Networks of all shapes and sizes are more endangered today than they have ever been in the past. This session will focus on how Fortinet Solutions can help organisations to change their network security posture from reactive to adaptive, allowing them to be protected against the most advanced security threats. You will learn that only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments. Fortinet ranks #1 in the most security appliances shipped worldwide and more than 320,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses.


Transform to Perform

Luís Guerrinha,
Enterprise Commercial Director, Microsoft Romania

Panel Discussion: Going Digital & Banking Transformation Roadmap

Robert Anghel,
Daily Banking Tribe Leader, ING Bank
Sorin Dragulin,
Products & Segments Director, UniCredit Bank
Mihai Sandu,
Head of Digital Transformation, BCR
Jan Siroky,
Regional Vice President, CEE, Austria & Israel Region, CEMA Consulting, IDC

Coffee Break & 1:1 Meetings


Monetising on Open Banking

Balázs Vinnai,
Chief Digital Officer, FINASTRA


Leadership Beyond the Title

Mihaela Berciu,
Breakthrough Leasdership Specialist

Virtual branch - Key to customer satisfaction

Krešimir Šuljak,
Business Analyst, Asseco SEE

Secured Transparency: A Service Provider Perspective on GDPR

Adrian Locusteanu,
Delivery Director for Business Segment, Telekom

Panel Discussion: Human Capital – Challenges & Opportunities

Mirela Iovu,
Vicepresident, CEC Bank
Mihaela Berciu,
Breakthrough Leasdership Specialist
Bruno Leroux,
CEO, Cetelem
Athanasios Psathas,
Deputy CEO, Piraeus Bank
Dan Cristea,
Head of IT Solutions, BCR

The Era of Internet Banking

Emil Bituleanu,
CEO, Libra Internet Bank

Networking Lunch


PSD 2 - From Regulations to Successful Scenarios

Philippe Pellé,
Deputy Head of FISMA, DG MARKT, European Commission

Peer to Peer Discussion Workshops – Connect Roundtables

Connect Table 1 | Digital Banking

Moving to digital banking is easy. But is Romania ready, as mentality? This business model is an unnoticed underlying cause for many of the changes in the banking industry, be them customer experience, branch transformation, all the way up to innovative financial products.

Moderated by: Balázs Vinnai, Chief Digital Officer, Finastra

Connect Table 2 | Security for Financial Sector

What are the biggest liabilities and risks for the financial institutions? When does it make sense to panic?

Moderated by: Adrian Danciu, Regional Director SEE, FORTINET

Connect Table 3 | GDPR in the Financial Industry

Amid talks regarding how we should protect the sensitive data for our customers, nobody has stopped to ask: are we making much sense of the data that we already have? Starting with identification and mapping of data inside the company information environment, financial institutions should augment their understanding of their clients with data unused and un-correlated thus far.

Moderated by: Frank Schumann, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft CEE

Connect Table 4 – Agile & DevOps

Banks have always considered a model where technology is necessary, but not essential to their way of doing business. According to IDC, the companies willing to pursue Digital Transformation are finding themselves more reliant on technology for new products and markets with better yield. Should technology be about a slow year-on-year decrease in maintenance or should it about pursuing innovation?

Moderated by: Cristian Radu, System Engineer, VMWARE

Connect Table 5 – Beyond Banking

As FinTechs are putting their foot down in the financial industry, so too banks are running over other industries or niche services, addressing their large and regularly loyal customer base with complementary products. Banks have the strong reputation and the financial backing to truly up the game for their non-traditional competitors.

Moderated by: Horia Constantinescu, Director Modern Infrastructure, DELL EMC


Frank Schumann,
Product Marketing Manager CEE, Microsoft Romania
Cristian Radu,
System Engineer, VMware
Adrian Danciu,
Regional Director, South Eastern Europe, Fortinet
Balázs Vinnai,
Chief Digital Officer, FINASTRA
Radomir Bordon,
Director Commercial Presales CEE, DELL EMC

The Whispers Game - Workshop Conclusions

Răzvan Savu,
Senior Consultant, IDC Romania

Messages get distorted in real-life more than we would like to accept. This session will conclude Financial Forum by allowing vendors to echo the ideas which they gathered throughout the workshops, creating a unique and honest collaboration platform between the industry and its technology partners.

Moderated by: Răzvan Savu, Senior Consultant IDC


27 Steps. The story of Tibi Useriu - the only Romanian who won two editions of 6633 Arctic Ultra marathon.

Tiberiu Useriu,
UltraMarathonist Polar Circle

Fine Wine & Networking Time

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